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Romanian Athenaeum

Today like before, Bucharestians love to wander and relax in the garden in front of the iconic Romanian Athenaeum.


Calea Victoriei

This is one of those „Once upon a time in Bucharest” stories…The imposing building in the center of the image was built around 1915 and used to be home to the fashionable High Life hotel and cafe, and also to Jockey Club Romania. This was a private and very elitist gentlemen’sclub on the model of […]


Coltea Boulevard

Starting with late 19th century, Bucharest was endowed with wide avenues and boulevards, after the model of the city of Paris. In the northern part of the city, Coltea Boulevard, lined with elegant mansions and villas, was part of this modern urban planning. The boulevard has remained pretty much unchanged, except the trees grew tall.


Gara de Nord

Bucharest’s main railway station, popularly known as Gara de Nord like the one in Paris, the main entry way to the city. The building survived WWII bombardments and suffered transformations many times.


Old Town

A familiar corner of Bucharest Old Town, with the iconic Savings Bank Palace in the background and pavement cafes and terraces in the area. This view captured in many photos and postcards has remained virtually unchanged over the years.